Saturday, August 9, 2008

Making a list and checking it twice...

Because the big party is looming large ahead of us, there is lots and lots to do. I have made my lists and am forging ahead into all that lies before me. I have already confessed to being addicted to my lists. I love my lists for so many reasons but most of all because they keep me on track and help me not to forget one single detail. Not to mention how thoroughly satisfying it is to cross something off. At the moment I have several lists going. I have my ordinary everyday regular lists; to do, to call, to clean, to buy. I also have 50th party lists; to buy, to finish, to call, to set up. We are having a brunch to send off out of town guests and family on Sunday as, at my house. Yet another set of lists. Oh and guess what? The girl's combined birthday bash is exactly one week from the 50th party. So I have a few lists for that shindig too. It may seem a little extreme but like I said the lists give me a place to jot down my scattered thoughts and help keep me focused and moving forward. And oh, nothing compares to the excitement and satisfaction I get when it's time to cross items off my lists.

I have a small spiral notebook for my everyday lists. Sometimes I lovingly look back at outdated lists and puff up with pride at all I've accomplished. The "special" lists for the parties and brunch are in little books of stapled together scrap paper. I keep them out on my kitchen counter so they are in sight and handy for when I need to cross something off. Which really and truly is soul satisfying. So anyways, my many lists dominate the kitchen counter. The other day I came back down to the kitchen during naptime and found a new list on the counter beside my own. This list is not mine, however, it's Sam's. I shouldn't be surprised. He is like me in so many ways; his OCD tendencies are just one of the endearing traits he inherited from me.

This is the front and says "The things I am going (he couldn't fit-to do) this day"
The back is the actual list. It reads:
1 Justice League
2 Read
3 take care of Sophie
4 swing
5 computer
6 tv

I'm almost embarassed to mention that I had to physically restrain myself from crossing off the items he had completed.


(fairy) Godmother said...

I am not the only one who collects lists of things already accomplished????

Debra (dippy) said...

Hehe, too cute!